Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ - Electric - MBC5 & MBC6

Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ - Electric - MBC5 & MBC6

Electric Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ

Cook for twice the crowd with the huge Kingsize hotplate. Measuring a whopping 680mm x 590mm, this 6mm thick mono-pressed 304-grade stainless steel hotplate is the biggest commercial BBQ you will get.  It is easy to clean, easy to install and is fully Australian made.

The most important thing about a BBQ is that it cooks, and with 6KW elements this BBQ will cook quickly - under 15 minutes from go to whoa. That's important, because no one wants to stand around for half an hour waiting for their sausages to slowly cook. With half the cooktime of other products, the Kingsize BBQ will  keep your barbecuers happy and keep them moving - freeing up the BBQ for the next group to come through. Hot BBQs keep everybody happy!

The large Kingsize hotplate is available with either gas or electric operation.

Features Choices Specifications
  • 304-grade, 6mm thick Stainless steel hotplate with cooking area of 680mm x 590mm
  • Automatic timer will switch off after a set period of time (factory set to switch off after 13 minutes)
  • Green light to indicate BBQ is operating
  • Available with free push button operation, coin operation or key operation.
  • Stainless steel doors with lock to hide controls
  • Fully galvanised steel frame
  • Impressive, practical and durable
  • Ready for your brick or stone enclosure or available in a pre-fabricated cabinet
  • 6KW elements (30Amps power) to provide a strong, consistent heat and reduced cooking time - under 15 minutes from start to finish.
  • Thermostat to control temperature setting
  • Push Button Operation standard - MBC6
  • Coin Operation available - MBC5
  • Key Operation available
  • Stainless steel benchtops available to suit single or double BBQ installation
  • BBQ also available in a pre-fabricated cabinet




  • Cooking area 680mm x 590mm
  • Overall hotplate size 790mm x 700mm
  • Height adjustable from 865mm to 915mm
  • Single phase power, 6KW, 28Amps

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