Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ - Gas - MBC7 & MBC8

Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ - Gas - MBC7 & MBC8

Gas Kingsize Inbuilt BBQ

Our Kingsize Gas Inbuilt BBQ is one of the biggest commercial BBQ hotplates on the market. WIth a mono-pressed 304-grade stainless steel hotplate, it is easy to clean and extremely durable.

This BBQ features large 15Mj/hr injectors, so you can be sure that it sizzles sausages in under 15 minutes. Supplied with a galvanised steel frame and locking stainless steel door, it is also easy and cost effective to install. 

Available LPG or natural gas.

Features Choices Specifications
  • 304-grade, 6mm thick stainless steel hotplate with cooking area of 680mm x 590mm
  • Powerful 15Mj/hr injectors ensure the BBQ gets hot fast and cooks quickly.
  • Automatic timer will switch off after a set period of time (factory set to switch off after 13 minutes)
  • Green light to indicate BBQ is operating
  • Available with free push button operation, coin operation or key operation.
  • Stainless steel door with lock to hide controls
  • Fully galvanised steel frame
  • Impressive, practical and durable
  • Ready for your brick or stone enclosure or available in a pre-fabricated cabinet
  • Push Button Operation standard - MBC8
  • Coin Operation available - MBC7
  • Key Operation available
  • LPG or natural gas
  • Stainless steel benchtop available to suit single or double BBQ installations
  • BBQ available in pre-fabricated cabinet
  • Extra locking door available for gas bottle storage if required


Overall Plate Size:

  • Overall size 790mm x 700mm
  • Cooking area 680mm x 590mm

Adjustable Height:

  • 865mm to 915mm
  • Available natural gas or LPG

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