Hercules Club Cabinet

Hercules Club Cabinet

Hercules Club Cabinet

Built around the proven performance of the Hercules Hotplate BBQ this is a strong stylish unit that will suit any clean modern facility. The cabinet is available in your choice of powder-coated colours or stainless steel finish.

The BBQ features a huge 6mm thick solid steel hotplate with four strong cast iron burners that provide a high level of heat control along with excellent heat conduction and heat efficiency. Choose between LPG or Natural Gas operation and various options such as a windshield or spatter guard and lid.

The Hercules Cabinet BBQ is delivered fully assembled for easy installation.

Features Choices Specifications
  • Large impressive cabinet built to hold a single Hercules Hotplate BBQ with double servery area
  • Fully galvanised frame
  • Commercial grade 304 stainless steel bench top
  • Galvanised and powder-coated cladding – colour options available
  • Stainless steel cladding also available
  • Massive 1100 x 560mm BBQ hotplate in 6mm thick solid steel
  • Available to run on LPG Gas or Natural Gas
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Overall Dimensions: 2100mm (L) x 750mm (D) x 1000mm (H)

Gas Options:

  • Available in LPG Gas or Natural Gas

Cladding Options:

  • Powder-coated (standard) with customised colour options available
  • Stainless Steel

Storage Lid:

  • Choice of Stainless Steel or Powder-coated lid
  • Protects the hotplate from rain and other outdoor elements
  • Helps to maintain the condition of your hotplate for maximum longevity of use

Spatter Guard/Windshield:

  • Stainless steel spatter guard
  • Ensures safety and protection of hotplate surrounds from the spatter of fat during cooking
  • Provides protection in windy environments helping to keep food warm
  • Optional warming rack can be fitted

Overall Dimensions:

  • 2100mm (L) x 750mm (D) x 1000mm (H)
  • Weighs 190kgs

Cooking Area Dimensions:

  • 1100mm (L) x 560mm (D)

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